eVeg is a web interface about baseveg data (CATMINAT program, by Philippe Julve).

It gives you access to a database about french's vegetations extended to Europe (holartic and eurasiatic for some units) and is founded on integrated synusial phytosociology principles.

Each known vegetation is described (ecology, geographical repartition, synonyms, blbliography) and comes with some illustrations and diagnosis tables (work in progress : your help is welcome).

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Répartition des syntaxons par niveau

You can be involved in the project by submitting diagnosis files (spreadsheets or PDF files), pictures and by helping us to complete the geographical repartition data.

Last updates from contributors

  • le 28 09 23, admin added a table for : Pino halepensis - Quercetea ilicis
  • le 28 09 23, admin added a table for : Fraxino excelsioris - Quercetea roboris
  • le 28 09 23, admin added a table for : Anemono nemorosae - Caricetea sylvaticae
  • le 12 09 23, EHenry added a photo for : Luronio natantis - Potamogetonetum polygonifolii
  • le 03 09 23, Stephane D. added a PDF document for : Tripolietea pannonici
  • le 25 08 23, EHenry added a photo for : Plantagini majoris - Menthetum pulegii